Crowd Run 3D

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In this 3D action-packed puzzle runner you have to guide your group of characters through a tough obstacle course, filled with dangerous traps. While making your way through this dangerous fields, you have to watch out not to lose too many of the characters! Occasionally you have to fight another group, and the winner of those battles is of course the group with the most characters. But don't worry, you can send your group through special cloning gates, making your group even bigger. So get ready to master the most difficult challenges and fight your way through this tough game!


Lead your crowd through the obstacle course and try to reach the goal with as many characters as possible, since every single one who reaches the goal gives you coins.
Beware! There are also enemy crowds who wants to fight you.
You can spend coins to increase your size of your crowd or make a character give you more coins when it reaches the goal. You can also guide your crowd through special cloning gates a long the course. They can increase your crowd size by a lot, so use them wisely.



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