Dynamons 6

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Embark on a brand new Dynamons adventure in Dynamons 6! This online monster collecting game includes four fresh areas to explore; Klaudes Castle, Treasure Cave, Gold City, and Challenge Cave.

Seasoned Dynamons connoisseur Jovani will tell you everything you need to know to become a true Dynamon Captain. Encounter Una, Gryphonix, Surfant, Dynabug and many more special Dynamons. Recruit them for your team and beat others in thrilling 1v1 battles with special attacks and power-ups.


Play the game using touchscreen controls or your mouse.

The game consists of spellbinding turn-based battles. You can use the action cards to attack, and catch the opposing creature when it’s weakened. The backpack is filled with items you can collect and use during your journeys. By selecting it during battle, you can access these special items. Use shards to level up your Dynamons, and to gain new action cards. Challenge other trainers and become the strongest Dynamon Captain!



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