My Pocket Blacksmith

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My Pocket Blacksmith is a medieval fantasy blacksmithing rhythm game for mobile devices and web platforms. It is a combination of Deemo II and Friday Night Funkin game mechanics, the epic atmosphere of classic RPG games, and abstract humor straight from Discworld.

Forge to the melody rhythm and create legendary items!
Short game sessions (30 seconds) combined with visible game progress.
Decorations to change hero appearance and the players workshop.


Show your sense of rhythm and dive right into the extraordinary universe of My Pocket Blacksmith! Explore new worlds and help their inhabitants by forging items to the melody rhythm. Complete your collection of amazing and bizarre items!
• New quests and orders every day
• Discover new fantastic worlds, such as: Dark World, Weedland etc.
• Pass exams to upgrade your character and unlock new worlds
• Gather the whole collection of items’ trophies in every world and show them to others!


Adventure Art

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