Stacktris 2048

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Challenge everyone and score as many points as possible! If you like 2048 puzzles and Tetris, then Stacktris 2048 will not leave you indifferent and will definitely not let you get bored! This is an addictive matching cube merging game for those who love logic games with numbers. Believe if you can reach the number 2048.

The famous puzzle, only now from a different angle! Now in 3D and with tetris fusion! Now the cubes line up not only on the plane, but also up!

Just without thinking to build this Tetris you will not succeed - you will quickly lose. Build your winning strategy and score the maximum number of points.


Objective of the game: Score as many points as you can by matching cubes with the same number. When several identical cubes are connected, they form one cube with a larger number. The end of the game is determined by the upper bound. As soon as the cubes exceed the limit in height, you lose.
Controls: swipe left / right - turn the platform with cubes; Touch - Drop the cube down



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