Cannon Ball + Pop It Fidget

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"Cannon Ball + Pop It Fidget" is a super game that combines the challenge of a game of throwing balls (in Angry Birds style) with a casual game of Pop It Fidget. With every level you beat, a Fidget will be unlocked so you can have fun popping bubbles and playing with changing colors and sounds. Don't leave any stars behind, win the game 100%!

Cannon Ball Game: It is a very fun game that will test your skills and reasoning. With a Drag and Drop system you can pull the rubber band to throw the ball and knock down targets. You can pop crates of TNT explosives to break more than one target at the same time.

Pop It Fidget Game: It is a very fun and relaxing game. To unlock all figures, you must beat all Cannon Ball levels. Have fun touching all the bubbles, exchanging colors and sounds. Relax while having fun!


Desktop: Mouse Click, Swipe and Drag and Drop.

Mobile: Touch Buttons on Screen



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