Elon Cars : Online Sky Stunt

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Elon Cars game series is a series with futuristic game ideas that you can play with pleasure. Let me quickly explain the first game of this series, Elon Cars: Online Sky Stunt series for you. As the name suggests, you can start the game by joining the empty game rooms in this game, which has a multiplayer game system. All you need for this will be 50 Elon Coins. Game rooms are for 5 people. After joining a game, each player starts the game with the same car. Our main goal in Elon Cars: Online Sky Stunt is to change our car by going across the map. With each car change, we will level 1 and the first player to reach Level 5 wins the game and some Elon Coins. It won't be as easy as you think. You have the right to fall from the map 3 times, don't forget that! Besides, you will be racing against time. The game is really hard. With the Elon Coins you earn, you can buy skins and tattoos for your car. You will love this game. Have fun !!


You can use the arrow keys of the keyboard for vehicle movement.


Driving and Racing .IO

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