Go Cross

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Do you want to become a winner and be the first to reach the finish line? Then don't look around and cross the road faster.

If you want to be the strongest, then don't look around and eat all the burgers that you see on your way. With each burger you eat, you will become stronger and more pumped up, which will allow you to break even cars.


Your main goal is to reach the finish line first and not get under the wheels of cars. But if your level is higher than the level of the car, then you can safely go and shoot down cars with your powerful hands.

Remember that you are not playing alone and there will be the same enemies against you. You can prevent them from going through all the stages only if you are stronger than them.


Move: Drag Joystick
- Collect burgers
- Run to the finish line so that you are not hit by a car



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