Push The Colors

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Push the Color game features colorful squares, obstacles, and color gates. It is a 2-player casual game where you can find various costumes during the adventure. The goal is to get the cubes to the finish line and challenge the giant at the end. The more cubes you have, the more power you will possess. You can defeat the color monster by having many cubes. Make wise choices along the way and increase the number of cubes in your possession.


Player 1:
Move Left/Right: "A and D" or "LEFT-RIGHT ARROWS" (In 1P Mode Only)
Push at the end: "W" or "UP ARROW" (In 1P Mode Only)

Player 2: "ARROW KEYS"
Move Left/Right: "LEFT-RIGHT ARROWS"
Push at the end: "UP ARROW"


Agility Casual

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